Saturday 9 March 2013

The soon to be lawyers

There are a lot of law colleges across the country, and India produces 60,000 to 80,000 lawyers each year and I don't have the statistics for how little of these actually get places( A lot of us love the work, but don't get the money and the others get a lot of money but don't like the work; I intend to include neither in my list of employed lawyers, Because, I am talking about happily employed people,my friends.)
So without further blabbering I would like to rant for people who are future employers and employees:

Notes for the employers:

1. Use my skills:
We grunt through years in law schools and get hundreds of doors slammed on our faces when we apply for internships. We meet and fight our Demons while preparing for moots/articles/essays.
We give exams and clear them.
If after all the years, I know a little about the practical aspects of law, I can make it up with hard work.I have thick skin.
I can labor for long hours, but treat me like an equal. When I write in my cover letter that I can be a resource to you, hold on, I might be saying the truth.

2. Don't Judge me:
Lawyers are not supposed to judge others, its suicidal! Whenever some people ask me questions which are about why I made this career choice, I answer earnestly, but after meeting a few people during my law college years, I realise that I am constantly being judged.( I might be wrong here, a few people do appreciate honest answers)
My answer might not satisfy you, but then your question is not a right kind either.
Note to self: If I have to Hire people, I will ask them how much do they love/are excited of being a lawyer.
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3. Be a mentor:
I know you might not have any interest in becoming a teacher, but lawyer can not work alone. If you guide me along the way now or then it will be beneficial to you and to me. Hell, I might make you proud someday and you will feel humbled to find your heart at the right place after all.

4. Don't corrupt me:
I don't need to learn how to be unemotional. If and when I see a client and I feel for their cause, don't laugh on me. A fresh graduate needs to connect with the profession, I want to see and talk to people for whom I work and feel good that I helped someone afterwards, someone who is not just a file cover.

Since childhood I have seen a lot of jokes on how lawyers are liars and corrupt, but I refuse to believe it.
I feel its the best profession provided your heart is at the right place and bleeds when it needs to. I feel that law makes us civilized and it unites us all.
Its not just any other profession, it saves humanity; then why not we start with ourselves?
We become so lost trying to please people to hire us, putting ourselves on exhibition so that people judge us, doing tricks to please the master, are we?

Notes for job seekers:

1. Be proud:
But not egoist, You are definitely at the start of the ladder which can take you to soaring heights, be proud of your qualities and the ability to learn from mistakes. Be proud of the hard work you do and are capable of doing. Value yourself, but don't undermine the value of others, as sad it may seem, you are not the only intelligent person on earth!

2.Learn to say no:
If someone gives you a job offer, that doesn't mean they have bought you. They have bought your personal services for a fixed time period. I agree job is exciting and fun but if sometime you have a lot of deadlines and can't do anymore, just say so, this is your responsibility too.

3. Never stop learning:
Listen to your associates, the seniors, the clerks and everyone who has been on the job for more than you have been. Look out for practical skills, observe. Talk to your colleagues about new things you learn, apply those skills, push yourself out of the comfort zone for a while, have someone take your back. Learn.

4. Don't let us down
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You should remember, wherever you go, you are representing a class of people. Whatever you do, or not do, will change people's lives. Being a lawyer is a responsibility, not only for the society at large, but for all the law students of your university out there.

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