Wednesday 13 February 2013

For the people, who care about Law

Too much has been said about the rape that occurred in Delhi recently, so much that when you Google the two letters " Delhi Rape", as on 13/2/2013; 9:00 PM;70,700,000 results come out. Now, I don't want to blabber, I want serious attention to this topic. Most of us will just see a big number when I wrote the number of results, but it won't register how big a number it is, a mere two and a half month after the horrific Gang rape and murder( its strange that if you read news daily, how little effect does the words like tragic, horrific etc have an impact on us); its just like being a doctor who is on an emergency duty, who watches so many people in worst possible situations since he has started doing his job and now its a part of his or her's life.

But doctor's do feel,the pain and the agony, when they consciously decide to feel i(as shown in Scrubs, Season 8, Episode 2 where J.D. and Turk set aside a tradition to comfort a dying patient. ... They stay the entire night talking with him about his life.)

Our profession has a lot to do with who we are and what we want to become, not just to earn some money, because eventually, most of us will end up surviving, but what after your dreams of getting Rich/Famous/Happy are fulfilled? Lets imagine for a moment that the dreams of becoming whatever you want and marrying whoever you wanted are fulfilled; whats next? Are you entirely satisfied?
Will you regret turning down professional help to person; who is as much flesh and blood as you are, but with a lot less riches?

Any murder is as bad as the one for which our country stood up, for a girl, who didn't deserve to die too young,with such brutality.

But will our community, the Lawyers, the Judges and the Parliamentarians and the Administrators forget the other victims of killings, rapes in our country? And more importantly, should we let them?

While most of us are closely following the proceedings in the fast track courts of Saket,
What about the Murder case of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez which occurred in Bombay in October 2011? ( The last news I could find on the internet was December 2012, Which said that the case will go on a fast track court from January 15 this year :
What about the closure report by the SIT, which investigated the role of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi which came in Feb this year and is being challenged by an old widow in our Supreme Court?(
What about the whistle-blowers being hacked to death at a frequency that after reading the reports our brain refuses to process the information and make us sad, miserable people?

None of us can probably remember the number of pending, famous criminal cases in our country, let alone the ones which do not sadly get media limelight/ our attention because sometimes a scuffle between two Khans or a movie making 100s of crores is more important than everyday angry, bitter and sad people complaining to everybody who seems to be in power for our basic fundamental rights.

We cannot go to India Gate for a candlelight vigil every day after work can we?

Who is responsible for the severe backlog of cases, the dismal ratio of Judges and population (Oh Do Not Get me started on Quota in Promotion Bill I swear to God, I am already brimming with anger today!!)
And yes in your defense, the authorities, you don't have any right to state that many cases are frivolous, its your job to tackle that menace too, there is a lot of hidden unemployment of lawyers in the country, hire the right minds and get your work done!

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