Tuesday 16 August 2016

Is UGC recognition mandatory for your online degree- via Financial Express

On August 15, my write up on the status of online legal courses in India was published by The Financial Express. 

Here are the excerpts:

"Although online education system in India has been catching up, the same cannot be said about the regulatory body of these courses. There exists a problem of absence of a permanent body looking after distance online courses by universities, a task which used to be handled by Distance Education Council (DEC) at IGNOU till 2012 and is now being handled by Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the UGC.
The HRD ministry had notified for the above change in its circular dated 29.12.2012. DEB was formed to conduct the process in the interim, while the draft Distance Education Council of India Act of 2014, which is supposed to be an independent organisation taking care of distance education in India, has not seen the light of day. DEB is still the authorising body for these courses.
After its formation, DEB decided to change its methods of approval as compared to erstwhile DEC, and institutions were asked to get approvals not only for running distance education programmes, but also to get specific programmes approved by it.
In fact, in an undated document uploaded by DEB, it claims to have decided on 83 out of 205 pending applications with them.
After its establishment in 2013, DEB has been surprisingly slow in granting recognitions to new courses or institutes which were not granted automatic approval in 2013. Applications are invited only from those institutes which already ran recognised courses in the past year, in essence monopolising a promising industry against well-deserved players.

With UGC trying to weed out institutions that run the danger of becoming “degree mills”, there is also a question-mark regarding the process being followed to grant acceptance for new courses because of large pendency."
You can read the whole article here: http://www.financialexpress.com/industry/jobs/is-ugc-recognition-mandatory-for-online-legal-courses/347586/

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