Friday 15 July 2016

Update: How to prepare for the Patent Agent Examination in India

It is a pleasure to announce that a couple of days after this blog went online, the CGPDTM website has notified the following:

Patent Agent Examination:- This office has been receiving frequent queries regarding plan of conducting Patent Agent Examination. In this regard, it is clarified that same is likely to be held before December, 2016. Detail information regarding same will be published on official website after finalization of schedules and other official requirements (19 July, 2016)

We will keep you posted for more recent updates.

Original Story follows:

Short Answer: You convince the government that they SHOULD arrange for the examination and then prepare like you would do anyway

Long Answer: I don't know. Rant follows:

The Department Of Industrial Policy & Promotion, which is responsible for conducting the "yearly" patent agent exams managed to 
organize only one exam from 2011 to 2016. There were quite a number of litigation cases challenging the system of the tests and 
even claiming nepotism while passing candidates which somehow resulted in the DIPP deciding that it will not bother conducting 
the tests.

Being the lawyer that I am today, I decided to follow it up with an RTI. These were the five questions I asked hoping to wake someone 
from slumber:

1. When is the next Patent Agent Examination scheduled.

2. Which authority is responsible for conduction of Patent Agent Examination.

3. Is there any research conducted to determine the need of patent agents in India. If yes, share details

4. Why has the Patent Agent Examination not been conducted from past three years.

5. Is there any litigation pending in courts of India stalling the process of conduction of Patent Agent Examination. If yes, share details.

Here I am posting the response of the government for your benefit:

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