Wednesday 25 May 2016

5 reasons every School needs a comprehensive Child Protection Policy

While working with an NGO since a past couple of weeks, I realized that even when people have their hearts at the right place, they do not want to be bothered about making lengthy legal documents. Legal documentation is a part which no-one takes initiative on till they observe an untoward incident. But these documents can change the way an organization runs, can increase the trust of parents/guardians as well as investors in it.

So, even when this is an extremely time consuming and humongous task, I decided to try and make sense of why you should get it done, anyway.

This write up is not just for schools, but every institute that deals with children - NGOs, Hospitals, Commercial spaces etc.

In a complete opposite method of drafting lengthy policies for organization, I have decided to write this post giving short, meaningful reasons.

#1: To maintain safety of children

How do you train your staff to be sensitive towards needs of children?
Do you know which laws are made for this purpose?
What is the protocol of your place in case the child is being allegedly abused?

In a recent incident, a school child in Gurgaon was killed while crossing road to reach her home. Could this have been prevented by teaching staff about child safety? 

Yes, a policy is not just a piece of paper but it helps an organization structure it's responsibilities and minimize the risks of accidents.

#2 To increase confidence of parents/guardians

When you have notices regarding child safety at your premises, regular drills at your institute, the parents will trust you more with their child. 

#3 Reputation building

A comprehensive Child Protection policy and its implementation has many perks. 

Adopting it not only increases confidence of the third parties, but maintaining records and publishing reports will ensure that your organization establishes itself as reputed and trustworthy.

#4 Mitigating Risks

A policy can ensure that any vendor/contractor you deal with shall also agree to terms and conditions of your policy. This brings additional safety to the kids. 

#5 To limit your liability

A detailed document regarding Child Protection helps an institute and the parents/guardians decide on mutual roles and liabilities. 

When the policy is in place and as an institute you are implementing it in the best possible way, you will be able to protect your legal interests

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