Tuesday 22 March 2016

Delhi Commercial Court asks local brewers to not use the word 'Scotch' if whisky not sourced from Scotland

The Delhi high court has restrained three Indian companies from selling local brews as 'Scotch Whisky' as it infringes the Geographic Indication Registration of the Scotch Whiske Association of Scotland reported the Economic Times.

The case was heard by the newly formed Commercial Courts in Delhi and decided in just two months. The petitioner was represented by law firm Anand and Anand and had filed their case against Oasis Distilleries, Adie Broswon Distillers & Bottlers and Malbros International, it was reported.

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The association, in its website says,

"The SWA works to ensure Scotch Whisky has fair access to all markets worldwide. Scotch Whisky is the world's number one internationally traded spirit drink - last year exports were worth £3.95 billion. With 90% of production exported to around 200 countries, the modern Scotch Whisky industry depends critically on access to overseas markets. The Association's unique selling point is its close working relationship with the UK and Scottish Governments, the EU Commission and the World Trade Organisation to ensure fair access for Scotch Whisky."

The association holds the geographical indication registration of 'Scotch' in India, because of which scotch can only be sourced from the members of the association according to their rules. Therefore, local distillers cannot use the term scotch whisky in their labeling, packaging or advertising.

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